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I Know A Guy SA

” I Know A Guy. You Know A Guy. Everybody Knows A Guy. No matter what home care problem you’re faced with, be it a burst pipe, a faulty plug or some renovations you need done, someone somewhere knows someone who can help you with it. 

I Know A Guy is a user-driven platform on which home-owners can find trusted, reliable home care contractors. Whether you are looking for a handyman for small jobs around the house or a builder for a big renovation project, you will find them on I Know A Guy. Unlike other business directories, the listings on I Know A Guy are Recommended by people who have interacted with those contractors, people who have used their services and can vouch that you will receive good service from them.”

We were given to opportunity to design and build a multi-vendor services marketplace for I Know A Guy SA, an established online community wherein its members trade recommendations and services.

The required functionality was for a platform that could act as both a directory for recommended service providers and a marketplace in which users could post jobs for service providers to bid on.

The platform was built on WordPress 5.5, incorporating custom scripting to achieve the required functionality. Payment processing was done using Payfast integration.

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